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SOUND AND FURY: The Angry Asian Podcast

Nov 12, 2012

Angry Asian Man talks to Actor/Blogger Lynn Chen about soap opera love triangles, Asian American indie film and getting yelled at by Samuel L. Jackson.

Aug 30, 2012

Angry Asian Man talks to Writer/Thinker/Asian American media Godfather Jeff Yang about A. Magazine, C-grade superheroes and the struggle to create content that speaks to the diversity of Asian America.

Jun 20, 2012

Angry Asian Man talks to Jen Wang of about being bloggers, kicking ass on the internet and making friends with Lisa Ling.

Jun 5, 2012

Angry Asian Man shares a beer with musician Goh Nakamura and chats about his music, his indie film career and epic karaoke sessions.

May 9, 2012

Angry Asian Man talks to Shinae Yoon, Executive Director of Visual Communications about the upcoming Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, running May 10-20, and gets her take on Asian American film and new media.